TriTech Remodel Progressing!

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DCI is pleased to announce the remodel of public areas on floors 1 and 2 is progressing well.  Plans are now complete and the bid package has been sent to local contractors for bid.  We expect that the job will be awarded by May 30 with construction to start immediately following.

In the first floor plan, you can see we are removing the circular stair case, adding a conference room and several offices, creating a larger corridor to the loading dock and most importantly adding a new security station and security control to the elevators (though we will still have unrestricted access in Phase I).

Floor 1 Remodel

On the second floor plan, we’ll be adding similar access control to the elevators, redoing carpet, walls, ceiling, and lighting.

Floor 2 Remodel

More info to come here as we get it.

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